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Jessica Rose is a professional photographer, based out of Bangkok.  She is recognized for her images exploring iconography and symbolism in cultures around the world, drawing upon her background in anthropology, world religions and fine art to chronicle societies and people.

Born and raised in the American southwest, her first published photo was a striking underwater image of a garibaldi, taken when she was only 12 years old.

She received a bachelor of arts degree in fine art photography from Arizona State University, and also pursued her passion for cultural anthropology and religious studies at Northern Arizona University.

Jessica has lived in Thailand since 2009, where she has worked on a series of photography projects exploring the life and traditions of indigenous peoples. She is also working as videographer for the independent documentary movie, “Big Talia,” the story of a transsexual Israeli ex-prostitute living in Northern Thailand.

Her first photography book, “EtheReal Theory,” was self-published in 2008.

Jessica also teaches photography through a series of online video tutorials, which also feature a variety of exotic international locations.

In addition to her camera work, she is also a SCUBA dive master and is an avid outdoor adventurer,  especially canyoneering.


email: jrose.dao@gmail.com

telephone : (Thailand) 08.5282.3177


Jessica is available for editorial and commercial assignment in Thailand and around the world.

Please contact with a proposal or contact information and Jessica can discuss details. Prices are reasonable. 🙂

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